We are Mirèio.

In love with Provence and prints, we’ve decided to launch a brand blending Mediterranean heritage and craftsmanship with contemporary yet timeless design. Welcome to Mirèio!

Mirèio is the Provençal translation for Mireille. Mireille is our grandmother’s first name. Born in 1923, she was a gorgeous Countess, founder of ‘Lei Magnoti’, a Sainte-Maxime-based cultural association celebrating Provençal folklore. Mirèio is also a tribute to Frédéric Mistral’s masterpiece. Written in 1859, the poem is a love story between Mireille and Vincent, two young Provençal people coming from different social backgrounds. 

Mirèio is 100% Made in France! All our models are handmade in a family atelier based in Paris. Our fabrics are sourced from the most renowned Provençal printer, in Saint-Etienne-Du-Grès. Mirèio’s mission is to revive a unique savoir-faire and celebrate the spirit of the Mediterranean. It appeared clear to us that a 100% French conception approach was the best way to proceed.